What is FIR Therapy?

At a young age, we as riders are used to falling off, brushing off the dirt, and getting back on again as if nothing had ever happened. Seemingly invincible, it’s as if we can spend hours in the saddle - and falling out of it - without any consequences.

Fast forward 10 or 15 years later, it appears that those falls and laps of two-point might have caught up with us after all. Many riders know the feeling – the achy lower back, sore ankles, and knees that don’t love posting trot nearly as much as they used to. It’s not uncommon that the wear and tear many equestrians experience from riding ends up being what forces them to ride less and less as they get older. And I say older quite lightly, as riders in their 20s might experience some of these feelings depending on how often they ride (or used to ride).

If only there was some sort of magical way to take that pain away so that we could continue to do what we love with minimal complaining that our backs hurt…

Well it turns out, there is.

More and more, equestrian companies like Thermal Therapy and Back on Track are developing an assortment of products for riders (and their horses and pets) that claim to have magical healing powers that make all our aches and pains hurt less. While it may sound too good to be true, these magical products are backed by science and a technology called FIR Therapy. These products are made from fabrics that have ceramic powders or particles embedded in their fibres. People have long known about the heat-retaining properties of ceramic, which is why there are many hair straighteners and other hot-styling tools made from or coated in it. People are also quite familiar with the benefits that soothing heat can have on the body, which is why hot water bottles, warming gels, and other warming products are so popular. Essentially, equestrian companies have combined these two notions to produce a range of wearable heat retaining clothing. Pretty cool, right?

It gets better. The human body naturally produces Far Infrared (or FIR) waves. The ceramic that is in these wearables captures the FIR waves radiating off the body, and reflects them back to the person wearing them. When these warm FIR waves are reflected, they can penetrate the skin by up to 1.5”, allowing the soothing heat to reach both muscles and joints providing the relief that us achy equestrians need! It is especially great since these products are wearable; riders are free to tack up, ride, and muck stalls with unrestricted movement all day long.

Studies on FIR Therapy have shown that exposure to FIR waves helps improve circulation; increase oxygen in the blood cells and oxygen flow to the muscles; reduce inflammation in joints, tendons and ligaments; promote supple muscles; and relieve muscle stiffness. As an added bonus, the toasty warmth is great for keeping warm in the winter!

So, fellow broken equestrians, if your sore back and stiff knees are keeping you from being in the saddle as long or as often as you’d like to be, try out a product with FIR Therapy Technology. You’ve got nothing to lose except your aches and pains!

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