Top 8 Ways To Stay Warm In The Saddle

Winter is Coming! …Or is it?

As Mother Nature continues to play havoc with our temperature and fashion how does the stylish equestrian prepare for Canadian winters, including ranges of ice storms, snow storms, falling temperatures and sunny slush that comes with it? Here are some staff favourites for staying comfortable throughout, as picked by our Vice President of Purchasing (aka the “coldest person of life”):

  1. Base Layer with natural fabric. Think Kari Traa and Tempo to keep you comfortable throughout all seasons. The wool fibers are great at managing heat and moisture; this will keep you dry, and therefore warmer, no matter the temperature. Bonus points for feeling extra cozy against your skin but also looking enough like a top that you do not have to be embarrassed if you have to take all off your other layers. Try Smart Wool socks to give your feet the same luxury treatment!
  2. Keep the ears covered! Try one of our cozy toques or headbands to make the venture outside the barn as painless as possible. Using our unique Fleece Headband with Elastic designed just for equestrians and made in Canada will keep your ears warm safely while wearing your helmet. Or try the Thermal Therapy Liner Cap that fits underneath your helmet and promotes circulation using FIR technology!
  3. Kerrits Power Stretch Breeches. They are fleecy, cozy and stretchy. Need we say more?
  4. Layer, Layer, Layer. Using a variety of different weights allows you to adjust your temperature throughout a busy day in the life of an equestrian. A cozy sweater on top of your base layer will keep the chill off, or the Tempo Equestrian Selene Tech top has a brushed fleece lining and wind proof exterior that is perfect for trapping heat next to you! Try layering a vest under your jacket - that can be just enough while in the car, or riding. Think of something with a slim profile but a bit of weight to it, like the Tempo Equestrian Maia Vest. Your top layer should be a long, weather proof coat that will add an extra layer and insulate the rest. There are a variety of these winter coats, in varying price points and with varying features, available at your local Greenhawk.
  5. Nothing is worst then frozen fingers! Keep hands warm and dry with the beloved SSG Ten Below winter gloves. Having a few pairs of gloves in your tack locker will make sure your hands stay warm even if your hands become damp. For those who like to keep their fingers together to stay warm, the Elation Explorer riding mittens are perfect for riding or working!
  6. Winter Boots. Pick boots with a thick sole to keep your feet off the cold barn floor. For outside you need waterproof boots - whether you chose a thinner pair and layer with socks or purchase a thick and cozy boot if they keep the moisture out you are ahead of the game. You may have to change boots for around the barn and for riding-but having toasty toes is worth it! Tip: Keep a self-heating toe/foot warmer in your barn boots to switch into after your ride so your feet stay warm and cozy!
  7. Warm Up to Warm Up! Try to get into the habit of doing a series of warm up exercises and stretches before you ride. This will get the blood flowing and get your muscles warmed up, loose and ready to go! Generating this body heat is key to keeping your core warm.
  8. Insider tip: the reward of a hot chocolate at the end of the night is a great motivator.

Stay warm and dry out there!

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