Welcome To The Family

When you think of Greenhawk what do you think of? The largest tack retailer in Canada? A Canadian brand? A large organization? You would be right if you thought any of those things; but what may have not come to mind is the word ‘family’.

Everything we do is family focused. We are a family founded, owned and operated company. We are made up of a relatively small group of corporate employees that work together like a family. We are proudly successful due to the hard work of our 31 family owned franchise stores and tight knit group of 11 corporate locations. We may seem like a large company, but the truth is that even though we are large in numbers, we are 1 family: operated by families for families.

The equine industry is constantly changing and innovating and we are consistently striving to innovate with it. With that we are bringing you The Greenhawk Blog: a collection of articles, happenings, how to’s and just-so-you-know’s. These posts will be written from our family to yours; to make you laugh, help you learn, allow you to get to know our family and, above all, ensure you stay connected. Connected to us, connected to the industry and connected to one another.

Join our family as we continue to move forward, as we continue to learn and as we continue to grow. We hope you find these posts useful! Please feel free to share, comment, and enjoy.

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